Director’s Statement

A letter from our founder and executive director:

Hi Cleveland!

In early 2017 I turned a graduate school project into The Kids of 216 as a response to the need for young people to have a better sense of direction after high school and to help pave the road to full-time employment for youth interested in technical and trade work.

In just two years, our programs and employment opportunities have helped transition many out-of-school youth to full-time, benefited work, effectively stopping the cycle of poverty.  The best part? Our on-the-job training simultaneously revitalizes the inner city, significantly contributing to a restored sense of collaboration and community.  

It is my dream to see this program instill a sense of possibility and achievement in our students, and we pledge to continue to support them in becoming productive and engaged residents.

These children truly are the future of Cleveland and have both the potential and power to transform the inner city. On behalf of the Board of Directors and all of our Kids, thank you for believing in the power and promise of Cleveland youth.



Stephanie Buda