Teenage Bill of Rights

Our organization foresees expansion that will seriously transform inner city life.  In order to grow both efficiently and successfully, we let the students lead us.  This approach ensures we remain mission-oriented and are capable of always improving the program based on the interests and needs of the Kids.

“The Teenage Bill of Rights,” modeled from the text Developmental Psychology, helps our Board and team keep our students at the focus of all that we do.

  1. The right to let childhood be forgotten.
  2. The right to have a “say” about their own lives.
  3. The right to make mistakes, to find out for themselves.
  4. The right to have rules explained, not imposed.
  5. The right to have fun.
  6. The right to question ideas.
  7. The right to be at a romantic age.
  8. The right to professional help whenever necessary.
  9. The right to struggle toward an individual philosophy of life.
  10. The right to fair chance and a new start.