Class of 2017

The Kids of 216 are some of the most energetic and dynamic kids you will meet. They love Cleveland and have a strong desire to be included in the success and rise of our great city.

The inaugural year of the program (2017) served 20 students, ages 17-24.  All students are minority students who live at or under the national poverty level. 85% of the class attended a Cleveland Metropolitan School District high school and 50% of students had a criminal record before completing our summer school.

Upon completion of this first year, we learned so much about our Kids and their goals.  While all of our students had unique and challenging backgrounds and pasts, each and every one of them simply wanted to be a part of the success of Cleveland in their own way.  We are so proud of what each of them has learned this year and how they have all taken responsibility and action for their futures.  The Kids of 216 are truly the future of Cleveland.

Because of our programming, the future for these Kids is much brighter.  After the summer school, many returned to high school, and we have successfully transitioned almost 10 students to full-time work and assisted 4 others with resources and connections to begin college coursework.