Frequently Asked Questions

How did The Kids of 216 start?

The Kids of 216 was born from an MBA assignment to “solve a problem a work” with a revised business plan.  In researching the greatest needs of the Cleveland community, our founder found that involving youth in the most direct and hands-on methods possible was crucial for long-term success.  Stephanie then pitched our model, to train at-risk youth for work while simultaneously solving the housing crisis, at the Cleveland Leadership Center’s Accelerate conference in February 2017. As executive director, she continues to pitch the model to city leaders, businesses, and organizations.

How are the Kids paid?

The Kids of 216 is a registered community partner with Youth Opportunities Unlimited, an organization that subsidizes employment for students in Cuyahoga County who live within or under the national poverty level.

How do you select the students?

By networking with the school systems and our community partners, we choose students seeking to advance their technical skills in construction and hoping to find direction for life after high school through employment in the trade industry.

How do you select the homes being renovated?

We identify disabled residents, seniors, and poverty-stricken families whose homes are in need of immediate repair to meet Code Violations. It is also important that residents we work with are able and willing to talk with and encourage our students to foster community relations and engagement.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes.  The Kids of 216 is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization.

How can I support The Kids?

We would love for you to meet our students, and there are many opportunities to work alongside them outside of the construction worksites.   Please email to get involved.