Goals & Vision

Summer 2017 is our first summer initiative.  This year we have students interested in construction and manufacturing working to renovate and remodel homes in the Cleveland Metropolitan area.  The summer school program employs the students as “pre-apprentices,” and teaches skill sets, offers personal and business mentoring, and encourages our students to become engaged and active Cleveland residents.  The goal of our organization is to employ the area to improve the area. . This model is an unprecedented approach in both economic and workforce development for inner cities.  We hope that as The Kids are employed to renovate these homes, the Cleveland Metropolitan area sees improvements in teen-to-resident relationships and increased respect and ownership for the community.

Our vision is to see The Kids of 216 grow into an operating summer school that provides training and employment for high school students. We are exposing these students to opportunities that will restore a sense of community for our youth after they graduate from high school by ensuring that each student has meaningful employment and direction in life.  This vision includes strategic expansion into other areas of the construction industry, as well as the investment into other vocations that will enhance the quality of life and community culture here in Cleveland.